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Resident Evil Village review

Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to 2017’s Resident Evil 7, but takes a very different direction to its predecessor, namely the fact that this time round instead of fighting against various mutated zombies, you’re now dealing with more occult enemies like werewolves and vampires.

Top 50 underrated plants for house decoration

Top 50 underrated plants for house decoration

Elsa Gardenowl

posted 34 minutes ago


Best forests to visit in North America


The best laptop for Frontend engineers in 2022

Elsa Typechecker

Feb 6th

Theming documentation

Extend default theme with any amount of additional colors, replace shadows, radius, spacing, fonts and many other properties to match your design requirements. Mantine theme is just an object, you can subscribe to it in any part of application via context and use it to build your own components.